My Review Of The Movie “GIRL RISING”


Recently, my mom and I went out to the “Hot Docs” theatre where we saw a documentary called “Girl Rising.” This movie was very special for me because it was about education for girls in the developing world, which I am very passionate about. “Girl Rising” highlights the inspiring stories of 9 girls in the developing world, from Cambodia to Afghanistan. Not only does the movie share the girls’ stories, but it also states unbelievable facts about education for girls in the developing world. For example, I learned that across the world 33 million girls fewer girls than boys are in primary school. Also, many stars such as Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, and Meryl Streep did the voices for the girls. This movie really inspired me to help girls “rise” in the developing world.

Here are a couple sentences about each of the girls featured in the movie:

Sokha from Cambodia

The first part of the movie talks about a girl named Sokha from Cambodia who must dig through garbage in order to survive. Somehow Sokha finds a way to get an education and achieve her dreams.

10x10_TheGirls_Panel_Sokha2 (1)

Wadley from Haiti

Next, the movie switches to highlight a girl named Wadley from Haiti. When the earthquake devastates Haiti, Wadley’s family becomes very poor, so they can not afford to put Wadley into school. Even though she doesn’t have enough money, Wadley goes back to the school every day, and in the end her determination shines through.

Suma from Nepal

Later, it talks about a girl named Suma from Nepal who is forced into bonded labour at the age of 6. After working very hard for her different masters and expressing her feelings through songs, she is finally freed by a social worker.


Yasmin from Egypt

After, the movie tells the story of a young Egyptian girl who gets taken by a strange man, where she has to fight him off and become her own “superhero.”

Azmera from Ethiopia

The movie then switches to a girl named Azmera from Ethopia. Like many girls from the developing world, Azmera is forced to face an arranged marriage, but when she and her brother stand up and say no, things look up for her.

Ruksana from India

“Girl Rising” then talks about a girl named Ruksana and her family who are from India  (where my grandparents are from) and are living on the streets. Even though her family has very little money, they find the money to send her to school and to buy her art supplies.

Senna from Peru

Next, it highlights a girl named Senna from Peru who grows up in a small and poor mining town. Senna and her family are among the poorest of the poor, but her father believes she should be in school. Throughout school, Senna discovers her passion for poetry which makes her stronger.

Mariama from Sierra Leone

After, it talks about a teenage girl named Mariama from Sierra Leone. Mariama has her own radio show and she has big dreams for her future.

download (1)Amina from Afghanistan

Last, but certainly not least “Girl Rising” features a girl named Amina from Afghanistan who has an arranged marriage as a child.

download (2)

This movie really was amazing and inspiring so I plan to buy the DVD and host my own screening of “Girl Rising.” Although the girls in this movie seem completely different in terms of their circumstances, they DO have one thing in common; they all strive to be able to get an education and make a better life for themselves.


Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!


3 thoughts on “My Review Of The Movie “GIRL RISING”

  1. What a well written review of this interesting movie…certainly makes me want to see it.. We are so fortunate to live in a country like Canada with so many opportunities for girls.

  2. Hi Diviya,
    In our travels we’ve seen a lot of the poverty and customs that so many young woman are born into. I can’t wait to see this movie. Thanks for your review. My grandson Tyler Valdal has a website called Pause the Reel that he has created to review the new movies. You may be interested in having a look at it. He may be interested in your review. I really don’t know much about it, but he has different people writing his reviews.
    Well done
    Sharon Ellis

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