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My Experience At Take Action Camp!

This past weekend I came back from Take Action Camp bursting with excitement and passion about changing the world. Located in Bethany, Ontario, Take Action Camp is a Free The Children camp that centers around one idea – that we, the young people, have the power to change the world.

What made it so special? Below is a list of my top 5 memories.

New Friends: I went into the camp knowing absolutely no one, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first. However, at camp everyone was so nice, inclusive, and caring. What was cool for me was that i got to meet people who were like-minded and were just as passionate as me about changing the world. By the end of the week, the 80 of us were like a close-knit family and we were all sad to say goodbye.

Minga Games: When we came to camp we were all put into different colour teams, and throughout the week we got to participate in really fun challenges. The games we did were all super fun and entertaining and each group really learned to work as a team.

Special Meals: Throughout the week we had two special meals that really opened our eyes and made us realize how fortunate we are. For one of the meals we were put into “families” and were given what a typical family that visits a food bank would receive. (We ate rice, beans, bread, and tomato soup.) Another meal we had was called the “Hassienda Dinner” where we learned about the Hassienda system that took place in Ecuador where the Spanish came in and took away their rights and culture. 10 campers were randomly chosen to represent the Spanish and sit at the head table. They were given burgers, pasta, and drinks. However, the rest of us only got food if we turned our shirts around, sang my little tea-pot and sat on the floor. For some of us, it was frustrating to have to do those little things so it was crazy to imagine what the Ecuadorians must have gone through and are still going through.

Coaching sessions: Each day at camp we did three coaching sessions with the facilitators. In the issues sessions we talked about current issues, what we care about, and how we can make the world a better place. The Reflecting sessions focused on reflecting on yourself as a person and understanding who you are. Finally, the Leadership section focused on understanding different points of view, public speaking skills, and learning how to be a good leader.

Take Action Day: Take Action Day was a day where we got to take everything we had been learning and put it into action. We had the option of volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, the Christie-Ossington Centre, and the Free The Children offices. I chose to go to the Free The Children offices where were given a tour and we helped paint bricks for the community garden.

Overall, my week living Me to We was absolutely amazing and thanks to all the people there who made my week so awesome!

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!