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You Are More Than Your Appearance

On Tuesday, April 7th Dove created an advertisement intended to help women see that “beauty is a choice.” The ad featured women from 5 different countries who had the choice of walking through a door labelled either “Average” or “Beautiful.” Most of the women in the video decided to walk through the “Average” door because that is how they perceive themselves. However, as the video goes on, it shows them regretting their choice and instead choosing beautiful.

I am challenging Dove to redo this experiment so that it does not force women to see beauty as a physical aspect of themselves. The truth is, not everyone is beautiful because if everyone was beautiful, they would just be average. Instead, an ad that has the power to reach millions should encourage women to not be defined by their beauty and instead choose to be so much more-beautiful on the inside.

I truly believe that if Dove redid this commercial with non-beauty characteristics on the doors, it would help boost the self esteem of more women which according to Dove, is their ultimate goal. To give them an idea, I edited a picture of the two doors that would give women the option of choosing to be defined by MORE than their beauty.

Dove Commercial-Choose Beautiful

Not everyone is going to be beautiful on the outside, but there is always something on the inside that will shine through. Women can be intelligent, witty, dependable, optimistic, caring, conscientious, confident, and so much more!

True beauty is on the inside!

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!