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My Interview with Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet the band “Chvrches” at their concert in Toronto. It was a really amazing experience and I really enjoyed talking to them.

Chvrches is an electronic band based in Scotland. The members include lead singer Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook, and Martin Doherty. Their music is growing in popularity and is currently #1 in Scotland. Some of their hit singles include my personal favourite, “The Mother We Share” and “Leave A Trace” from their new album “Every Open Eye.”

Not only do they produce amazing music, Lauren Mayberry is a proud feminist and does not accept online misogyny. Recently at one of their concert’s a man in the crowd yelled out “Marry me!” Her response was not exactly what he hoped for.

This was her answer: “Pardon? What’s the hit rate on that? … Does that work out well for you, sir? I assume, that because you are here, you know a little bit about our band. And I’m very grumpy. I don’t want that shit.”

My dad and I were very lucky to be chosen to attend the meet and greet before the concert.

Me With Chvrches

Because of Lauren’s interest in feminism, I thought that it would be a great idea to ask her a couple questions for my blog. The first question I asked her was “What challenge facing women affects you most in your day-to-day life? Her answer was quite interesting. She said that one of the things that makes her sad is how women talk about other women. In interviews people often want her to say something bad about other females.

The next question I asked her was “What advice would you give to your younger female listeners like myself?Her advice was to be yourself and do what ever you want. You shouldn’t worry about what other people think and just ignore what everyone else says.

Thank you so much to Lauren and the rest of the band for taking the time to talk to me!

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!


How To Find Your Spark!

Global warming. Gender inequality. Bullying. Those are just three of the issues that are currently taking place in our world. There are so many issues and problems in the world that need to be fixed, but they can’t be solved without you, yes YOU! If you can figure out what issue you care about you can change this world!

How do you find your spark, you ask?

Step #1: Get angry.

What is it that makes you angry? Is it lack of clean water in Africa or animal extinction? That issue that makes you mad, that is your SPARK.

Step #2: Issue + Talent = Change

Once you have figured out what issue you care about add it to your talent and that will equal big change. For me personally, an issue I really feel strongly about is girls’ rights and one of my talents is writing. That is why I write a blog on social justice issues. Another example would be if your issue is lack of clean water and your talent is soccer, ¬†you could host a soccer tournament to raise money.

Step #3: Inspire others.

When other people see you making a change, they will be inspired to do the same. That will act like a ripple effect and more and more people will start creating change just like you!

Below is a video of people aged 0 to 100 on what they want to change in our world.

What is YOUR spark? Comment down below.

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!