The Results Of My Fundraiser!

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you probably know that over the summer I did a fundraiser for Free The Children. I had so much fun doing my fundraiser called “Donations For Girls Education,” and I was really pleased with the results!

I did my fundraiser through a Free The Children website which helps you do your own personal online fundraiser. It allows you to send emails to your potential sponsors, track how much money you have earned, and send out thank you emails. Plus, it gives out tax receipts. To create your own online fundraiser you can go to:

My goal was to raise $1500 for the Kisaruni All Girls Secondary School in Kenya and I ended up surpassing my goal by $890! I raised $2390!

Also, for every person who donated I made a card, and if the donation was $50 or more, I would send them a handmade pendant. I ended up making almost 40 cards!


I think that this will make a big difference in the lives of the girls at the school.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and for helping me to improve the lives of the girls at the Kisaruni All Girls Secondary School!

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!




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