Helping the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan

This is a picture of what it looked like after the storm

What is happening in the Philippines?

On November 8th, 2013 typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. It was extremely powerful and devastating. Thousands of lives were stolen and even more were injured. So many homes and buildings were destroyed. Many organizations are over there helping to support the survivors of the Philippines, but they need YOUR help. Your donation will be matched by the government to help improve the situation.

This is some crazy footage taking by Nickson Gensis who is involved with Plan Canada:

What am I doing to help?

At my school we decided we had to do something to help them. We came up with the idea to hold a toy store. We asked students to bring in new or gently used toys, and then we sold them to students in grades 1 to 8. We called it “The Fellowship For The Philippines Toy Store.” The Toy Store was open for 6 recesses, and we miraculously made over $1100! I am so happy that we all came together to help people in need.

What can you do to help?

#1: Hold a toy store at your school like the one that I did. (If you have any questions about how to do the toy store then you can comment below and I can help you out.)

#2: Hold a fundraiser. You can have one at your school, at an event, or with your family.

#3: Raise awareness. You can talk to your school about it or even talk to your friends about it.

#4: Make a donation. You can donate online on websites like the Canadian Red Cross or Plan Canada.

#5:  You can have a clothes drive, however sending money is recommended.

The Philippines needs YOUR help.

How will YOU help improve the lives of the survivors of typhoon Haiyan?

Thanks for joining me on my journey to change the world!


4 thoughts on “Helping the Philippines after typhoon Haiyan

  1. Oh my goodness Diviya!!!! We did such a good job raising money!!!! I can’t wait to give ALL that money to the Philippines and see how great full they are! You are awesome!!!!!!!! p.s when are you going to talk about human trafficking?

  2. Hey Diviya, What an amazing thing your school did to raise money for such an important cause. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

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