The plight of girls in the developing world!

I am so fortunate to have the freedom to go to school, choose my career, and choose my husband. Unfortunately, other girls in the developing world are not as fortunate. Actually, most girls in the developing world can only go to school until around age 14, or they don’t go to school at all! Instead they must stay home and cook and clean for their family. This is completely unfair because girls should be considered equals to men. I certainly LOVE going to school, learning new things and making friends. It seems crazy to me to think of staying home all day and cooking and cleaning. Most girls in the third world also have to marry in their teens to somebody that they haven’t chosen. Basically, if I lived in the developing world my parents could ALREADY  be planning my wedding to somebody I don’t even know or love. Then girls must have babies when their bodies aren’t even ready.

The charitable organization called “Plan” has a division called Because I am a girl which empowers girls in less fortunate countries. The organization helps girls in about 58,000 communities per year. My family sponsors two girls through “Plan;” one is named Amy from Africa, and the other is named Laxmi from India. It makes me feel good that my family and I are making an impact in other girls’ lives.

This is an inspiring video about girls in the developing world.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to change the world!




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